March 26, 2012

i love the rain. to me, there’s nothing better than a good downpour. i love the sound of the rain pelting against my windows, on my roof, on the hood of my car, or hammering on the grass. i know that for a lot of people, seeing that the forecast is grey and rainy makes them tired and makes them want to stay in bed watching movies all day. i am the opposite of that, really. i am one of those people that gets up on a rainy day, looks outside and thinks, ‘yes! it’s raining!’ and find myself inspired and motivated to go out and do things

i like to go out and explore when it’s raining – i like to go for a drive, or go walking in the woods. i like going out to take pictures. the world just looks more vibrant when everything is wet and the background is grey or foggy white and it smells amazing – so fresh and earthy. i think it’s so beautiful and i find a lot of inspiration for my writing, and for my life in general, comes to me on these little adventures

this time of year is especially full of beauty as all of the plants are coming back to life – the grass is growing , trees are blossoming, the mosses are a vibrant green. i just love it and try to get out and enjoy it as much as i can!