February 20, 2012

You might say I have a slight obsession with collecting old cameras and photographs- but to me they are prized possessions.  Photography has been around for almost 200 years and has evolved tremendously since the first 8 hour expose on a pewter plate in the 1820′s. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  I smile whenever I hear this saying because it is more than true.  My love of history and passion for photography work well for me because I see photographs as our lifelines to the past and future.  (my major in college was initially history :) )  I love rushing home from the antique store to research my new find and to tinker with it.  I also have a weird problem in the sense that when I see old photographs of people and families in the antique store I immediately think, “How could someone not want these!?”  and take it upon myself to bring these ‘abandoned’ people home with me. 

   People around the world hold family photos dear to their heart because they are something you can’t replace.  Photos evoke memories, emotions, laughter and even tears.  They promote story telling and bonding.  A photo can even tell you a story in itself without any words.  Not only are they visuals of our loved ones, photos and film have documented history and helped evole our society in more ways than we can imagine.  How can we put a price on the first image of Earth taken from outter space?  A scene from Paris in the 1850′s?  Even X-Rays and documentation of wars and iconic people have been made possible through photos.   Photography started out as and truly is a passion for me- I have never considered it as a ‘job’.  With every photo I take I think about the history I’m preserving and memories I am creating.  I wake up everyday and am so thankful I have found a way to do what I love so that I never have to work a day in my life. :)