October 17, 2011

Aside from my first love- photography- I am passionate about scuba diving.  It not only gives me an excuse to travel but a chance to see the ocean’s true beauty.  When I’m down on a tropical reef I am able to see a whole community working in sync, awesome colors, exotic creatures and hear nothing but the bubbles from my tank.  I can completely shut out from the world and all of its troubles and enjoy this beauty around me.  I started getting involved in diving after high school when I signed up to help map out a ship wreck in Bermuda.  Since then I’ve been working on my instructors certification and have traveled to many tropical places.  Diving isn’t only a hobby, but a necessity for me to step back from a crazy lifestyle and enjoy nature and the tropics.

p.s. this is just a carcass I found- not a live animal :)