December 05, 2011

I am getting more and more emails from aspiring photographers about SO many things – where did I learn photography, what was my path in my career, what kind of equiptment do I use, etc. we’ve been getting so many that we are kicking the idea around of holding a small workshop this spring. but on the job, whether it’s a fellow shooter or a guest at a wedding, the first question is always “where did you get that bag?!” I first met kelly at the love affair workshop 2 and a half years ago and it was career changing in so many ways – she and the other instructors millie, davina and lauren provided the ultimate resources for building my business because between the 4 of them, there wasn’t a question they couldn’t answer. there were only 40 of us in attendance so we were broken into 4 groups, each group being given a mentor for the duration of the workshop and kelly was mine. usually after dinner with the rest of the attendees, we would all gather together and break off into our groups. one night kelly was talking about creating a camera bag that wasn’t the same old thing we had endured forever and when we heard of her ideas, we were all excited to see her dream become a reality. fast forward a few years and as you can see, the girls at gillette portrait arts have fallen head over heels in love with kelly moore bags. when I first started out, camera bags were big bulky black monstrosities that were really difficult to shoot with.┬ánot only are these bags gorgeous, but they also┬ámake such sense for today’s photographer. my personal favorite, the orange libby up there, was hit by some small waves, banged when I stumbled over a loose dock plank and it has practically lived in the sandy dunes of assateague this year yet all of my gear has remained untouched. I really can’t say enough about them and since getting our first two at WPPI 2010, kristie and I huge fans! the fact that we have pulled mel and liv into our little addiction?? well, I guess that’s just a hazard of the job :)