May 09, 2011

the studio is definitely in full swing – weddings, e-sessions and family portraits are being edited with zeal and client meetings are happening every day. so as the official studio dogs of gillette portrait arts, we thought we’d help the ladies out and take care of monday moments this week.

  • it’s spring and we are loving it! at this time of year we love nothing more than laying outside under our favorite tree soaking it all up or going for walks along the flower lined streets of snow hill. it’s always the busiest time of the year at the studio so we get to meet new people all of the time and especially with the new space we have so much more room to play AND we’re right next to the river!!
  • we made our first visit to the studio today and we are so excited to take up work day residence there once the ladies start working down there full time – we even spotted new water dishes and maybe, dare we say, a bag of peanut butter biscuits? probably our favorite thing about the new space is summed up in two words: concrete floors – a big dog’s best friend in the summer 
  • rumor has it that there will be some big dog event at the studio at the end of the month but we haven’t been told the details (kinda wrong right, since we are the studio DOGS! you’d think our input would be invaluable) regardless, we’ve heard that it will be announced here on the blog and on facebook later this week.
  • so if you are in the area, stop on in and have a coffee or soda – we’d love to meet you! and although we’re both big dogs, we are 2 of the nicest boys you’ll meet. because c’mon, look at us! does it get any cuter?
  • I can’t wait for the doggie details . . . I would love to get some good shots of my little ones :)