October 31, 2011

you ever had one of those days when you just ask yourself “how did I get so lucky?” I’ve had more than my fair share - but when you have a full week of gratitude, joy, friendship, laughter and love – well now that’s something. if you are a regular reader of the blog then you know that I was raised in upstate new york, right outside of syracuse. so a few months ago when kristie and I were hired to shoot a wedding in the hudson valley I was excited to at least travel to new york – even if it wasn’t as far “up” in upstate as my hometown. when we figured out that the annual photoplus expo was in nyc the following weekend… well let’s just say a plan was born. getting out of town for a week is unheard of during wedding season, even if it’s work related but in just 6 days we packed in a ton of some of the best memories ever :) we began with the wedding of one of the coolest couples ever – andrea and travis who treated us like family and showed us some amazing hospitality. then we were off to visit my best friend heidi and her kids sky and avery. kristie couldn’t stop shooting as I navigated the constant turns and hills (my jeep sadie was in her element!) on the way to heidi’s, we made a detour to woodstock, the town. I am on a secret mission to make a tree hugger out of kris yet and this ultimate hippie town in the mountains was  the perfect stop. once at heidi’s, after an impromptu leaf war between me and heid – who cares if we’re in our forties?? and a tie dye project with sky and her friends, we all talked late into the night around her kitchen table. then is was off to fayetteville – my little town. on a whim, we stopped at the house of my surrogate parents (or as they like to say my jewish parents) dick and patti silverman. they lived right down the street from us when I was little and their daughter leslie and I have been best friends since we were 4 years old. amazingly we found them both at home and joined patti for lunch. that night we went to visit and stay with my friend stefan who is the closest thing I have to a brother and his wife liz. it had been years since I saw them and it was so great catching up – the photo posted above is of the view from their house… not too shabby is it? for the tail end of our journey we headed to the big city and it’s an experience neither of us will ever forget – occupy wall street, the 9/11 memorial, dinner with one of my mom’s best friends – every second was wonderful. I don’t say this too casually when I say it was one of my favorite trips ever. not only do kristie and I work together – we are close friends who genuinely can spend a LOT of time together without driving each other crazy and we always have so much fun. as an only child, this is not something that comes naturally to me – with the exception of my husband, there are very few folks I can be around 24/7 without going crazy but since our first trip to vegas a few years ago we figured out that we travel really well together and I am so grateful to not only have her at gpa but in my life.  knowing that mel and liv were back at the studio gave us the peace of mind to truly relax and enjoy ourselves – thank god mel didn’t have the baby while we were gone! we came back energized and excited to finish up the rest of the season – to have the friends, staff, “parents”, experiences and job that I do left me feeling not only outrageously lucky, but so so blessed.