May 17, 2011

lots of changes are going on within gillette portrait arts. with the new studio and after updating our website and blog last year, we kicked around the idea of rebranding. once we moved ito the new studio, I knew I wanted to do a “spring cleaning” so out went old marketing materials and old albums that were just taking up space. with the help of brent holloman, we are working on new branding and logo – he sent me some concepts last week and I am so excited! wait until you see what he came up with – I can’t wait to share the final product. when going through our site/blog I knew I also wanted to update the bios: so instead of just asking everyone to write something, I decided that asking a few questions of each person would keep the format similar while allowing us to give individual answers. so I’ll start….

  • your full name: raye-valion gillette-whaley: yes that’s a lot of hyphens and is my legal name but because trying to read my name to someone over the phone takes 15 minutes, I decided to drop the second part of my first name and just go by raye
  • my earliest memory: watching the jungle book when we lived in baltimore while my dad belted out all of the baloo songs 
  • first love: reading – both of my parents were bigtime bookworms and many snowy syracuse evenings were spent in our family room reading and discussing our books
  • favorite sounds: wind chimes, hard falling rain and the sound of snow crunching under boots
  • favorite band/singer: I think this is a hard questions for anyone and I could go on and on, so I will limit myself to 5 (ugh – so difficult) – I guess my stranded on a desert island group would have to be the beatles. 4 more – grateful dead, widespread panic, michael franti and billie holiday - DMB too. okay 6  :)
  • I love: my husband, my dogs, my friends, coffee, colorado, the outer banks, upstate ny, reading, road trips, almost anything with curry, music festivals, art exhibits, old movies, being barefooot in the grass or sand, big fat snow, bonfires…. my life :)
  • I don’t like: peas, anything with hot pineapple, excuses, flying, bad service at a restaurant, my feet, fake people, cheesy wedding dj’s
  • my role at GPA: owner, photographer and den mother

stay tuned for kristie’s answers coming soon….