April 30, 2012

even after having been in this business for 3 years at the time I got engaged, I had no clue as to how much there was to do when planning our wedding. of course I knew the vendors that I wanted having worked with them many times and hearing glowing reviews of their work from my couples – but it was the ‘other stuff’ the things that I didn’t realize that would pop up – from invitation timing to seating charts.. I was lost. and never mind the day of the wedding – 2 hours before the ceremony, I was in the park in my jeans and tank top, arranging burlap over our hay bale seating. fortunately it all worked out and it was the wedding that I always wanted, but looking back I know that I would have had more time to enjoy the wedding, my friends and family and most importantly my soon-to-be husband had I hired a wedding planner. this is a roundabout way of introducing you to some of the coolest ladies in the wedding planning business - HJ Planners! I first met Heather Sala, the president of HJ Planners when I photographed the wedding of her mother. although she hadn’t started her company yet, she was on top of every little detail of her mother’s big day – so it was no surprise to me that not only had she started planning and organizing weddings and other events, but that her business had taken off! and as any good business owner knows, when you surround yourself with amazing people, amazing things happen for you and your business and Heather has done just that. every woman that works with Heather has her enthusiasm, creativity and attention to detail that defines their company. about 3 weeks ago, Kris and I were contacted about doing a shoot for some upcoming marketing that they are doing and once we got to the Park Hyatt location, we were beyond excited about the possibilities. what we didn’t know was just how great this group of women would be to work with. the session was fun, spontaneous, hysterical and creative and once we wrapped and headed to lunch, the shop talk never stopped.

thank you Heather, Maria, Audrey, Courtney and Jessica for an amazing shoot and delicious lunch! we are looking so forward to working with you!