July 09, 2010


meet lillian! her mother emily contacted me about a month and a half ago – she works with my national geographic ladies (holla katie, maura & jessica!) and initally was interested in a maternity session but life had plans of it’s own and the session changed to lillian’s first photo shoot. I met up with the family at their home and lillian was sleeping away – I also met dad rory and their dog harold who both had me laughing all afternoon




love the nursery – the chalkboard paint under the chair rail is genius!


ahhh..loving the light and the serenity of this photo





I seriously did not prompt this dog – he’s just that good  – and the soccer ball kills me :)




how adorable is she?



I know this is lillian’s session…. but come on – how cute is harold?!?!


emily & rory signed lillian up for our “grow with me” package and I’m SO excited for our next session! you all were so wonderful to work with and I can’t wait to capture miss lillian as she grows!


  • Lilly is beautiful and the artistry of the photographer was phenomenal!Love, proud Grampa!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane Joukovsky

    Among my very favorites! Your talent is truly awesome, Raye. I get so much pleasure from seeing your work. It’s the highlight of my day when I get a an e-message that your blog has been updated!

  • Beautiful!! Love the lighting and texture of the photos – great job. Lillian is perfect.

  • I LOVE these pictures! The outfits, the lighting, and of course, the subjects (including Harold)!! They are absolutely beautiful!! My favorite has to be Lilly with her stuffed animals. So adorable! Just great!

  • Lilly is beautiful and the photography is quite prodigious! Proud grampa!!!!

  • I love the butt shot!! The Lillian bloomers are the cutest.

  • Such great pictures of a beautiful family! I can’t wait to see more as she grows!

  • Wow Emily and Rory! These pictures of your beautiful baby girl are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lauren Kroger

    What a beautiful family!

  • Comgratulations Coopers!! I can’t wait to meet her! Beautiful photos! Love, Ellen and Cole

  • Lilly is so adorable! Congratulations Emily and Rory and of course grandma Lauren and grandpa Richard.

  • Lillian is the most beautiful niece!! LOVE the photos!!

  • I LOVE these photos. Beautiful subjects and skilled shooting! Lillian is so lucky to have you guys as parents. You’re going to take such good care of her! Xo, V

  • Beautiful shots! You’ve got some real classics here, guys. Lillian is a gem!

  • Miss Lilly is precious…can’t wait to meet her in person in a couple of weeks. Good Looking Family!

  • Carrie Schochet

    The Lillian Cooper photos are amazing!!! Very beautiful.

  • Wow,great photos!! I am so happy for y’all!

  • So cute! the baby, not Harold. but a close second! great photos.

  • Congrats! She is adorable and the photos are awesome.

  • Aunt Adrienne

    Lillian is beautiful! I miss her!!! Harold cracks me up in these photos!

  • Louis Carrillo

    Beautiful family and outstanding photographs.

  • The Cooper famiy (Harold included)took great pictures! My favorite is the one with Em sitting in Lillian’s room! So cute!! We miss you!

  • What a precious baby! I love the bloomers!

  • Amazing job Raye! We can’t wait until our next session!

  • What beautiful and un-overdone photographs of a beautiful family.

  • Megan Barnett Bloomgren

    Rory, Lillian is so so so precious! These photos are terrific/priceless. Congrats to you and Emily…and P.S. Harold has a future in commercials. He cracks me up! I heart him.

  • What gorgeous photos!! You’ve really captured the sweetness of those early days. Congratulations to Rory and Emily !

  • Deborah Cooper

    Outstanding photography of a very attractive family. Not to mention the ones of photogenic Harold and his soccer ball. He has taken well to his role of Lillian’s protector. I love all the photos and would be hard pressed to pick a favourite, but if I had to, it would be the one of Lillian in her crib and her beautiful mama looking lovingly at each other. Simply precious, a very touching moment caught on film. Great shot! Love, love, love this family, Oma.

  • Great Grandpapa Walker

    I love these pictures and can’t wait till you bring Lillian to Michigan for a visit. Love Papa

  • Brought tears to my eyes – beautiful family

  • Beautiful pictures, beautiful family–and Harold that face is priceless as always! Can’t wait to meet Lillian!!!

  • Oh my gosh…she is beautiful! And look at Harold too…adorable as usual.
    Lillian is amazing!!! Love to you all!

  • Ellen & Kim Walker

    We agree with Jason’s comments totally. She’s beautiful. Congratulations Rory and Emily.

  • Beautiful pictures!!!!! Gorgeous Family!