Miss Laila is no stranger to my camera.  I’ve been photographing her before she was even born! :)  Her mamma + I have been friends for a long time and I was so happy when she welcomed this sweet, little girl into the world two years ago.  We photographed a maternity, newborn + her 6 month session.  I can hardly believe how big she’s grown and being able to see her grow up is a gift.  By the end of our session I was determined to take her home with me!  Laila was a little shy of the waves but loved playing in the sand!  She brought along her entourage- mom, Gigi + Mauna along with some of her favorite shoes (not even a forth of her collection!) I had so much fun spending the afternoon with four generations of  amazing + beautiful ladies.  Can’t wait till next time! xoxo Kristie