November 02, 2015

1‘sooooo…. ‘ she said. ‘I have some news.’ this is how a conversation between laura and I began earlier this year as we began talking about the 2015 shooting schedule. by the excitement in her voice, I already had a pretty good idea as to what I was going to hear, but I smiled as I said ‘yesss??’ and I learned that she and derek were expecting their first child. if this is your first time visiting the blog, let me give you a little history… laura was referred to me by one of my favorite brides ever, brandi. when I first met up with her and derek, I was immediately smitten and loved working with them during their engagement session… I knew I had made 2 new friends. so it was no surprise that their wedding day was one for the books ~ amazing, start to finish! then they drove all the way down from baltimore to snow hill to participate in santa paws with their dog cooper. so when it came time to hire another team member for the studio, one name kept spinning in my head. laura :) it was by far one of my best decisions ever. we had planned for me to go across the bridge for their maternity session, but miss harley had other plans and arrived earlier than anticipated. fortunately, everyone was okay and after a few days, they all came home. not too long before harley was born, another new member of the family was welcomed.. their adopted rescue pup, molly. now if you know me at all, you will understand why there are almost as many photos of molly as there are of harley. I can’t help myself! but to spend this day with all of them was so wonderful and I loved every second of it. to say I am happy for you in an understatement but I am. and I love you all so much and am looking so forward to every milestone to come! xoxo

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