August 26, 2016

1miranda and josh’s wedding was truly a family affair. let’s start with the location… stunning! but that’s not all. this home has been in her family for years and once was a resort run by her great-grandparents that accepted guests to share in the beauty surrounding this special spot on the river. as I pulled up, her dad was the first person I saw and he was setting up tables and getting ice. other friends and family were buzzing about, putting the finishing touches on this glorious celebration. as I walked inside to meet up with miranda, I was greeted by the family pup and followed the laughter of the girls to the back. after miranda got dressed, she walked down with me to the river where josh was waiting for their first look. as he turned around to see his bride, josh let out a happy sigh and hugged her close. the ceremony was held under the riverside gazebo and a close friend officiated the wedding. josh and miranda read the vows that they had written themselves and then sealed forever with a kiss. I couldn’t have been happier to share in this day ~ miranda and josh are such a lovely couple and I wish them so much love and happiness in their life together!

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