September 22, 2014

1 I first met michelle when I was attending an event in berlin – she was with my longtime client and friend erika and as soon as we started talking about michelle’s upcoming wedding to mike I was hoping I would hear from them because her happiness was contagious! happily, several weeks later I did and we began making plans for their wedding photography including the engagement session. because they live nearby, we decided that working in byrd park here in snow hill would be an ideal spot. we met at the studio where I had the pleasure of meeting mike for the first time and he was as warm and nice as michelle. we headed to the park and as we were stopping at different spots I learned of their longtime friendship which had blossomed into a love story. I smiled as they exchanged grins and wrapped their arms around each other as they shared their journey to this exciting new chapter of their lives together and I am looking so forward to documenting all of their happiness along the way.

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