June 16, 2015

01 I don’t use the term storybook lightly.. but there simply any other way to sum up meredith and josh’s beautiful wedding day. the night before, I attended the rehearsal and was amazed by what I saw… and they had only started! everything was being held at meredith’s mother’s house and it was breathtaking – from the clear topped tent and magnificent flower arrangements to meredith’s princess gown, it was a scene from a fairytale. but the real stars were the head-over-heels-in-love meredith and josh. from the moment I met them, I was enchanted with their warmth and excitement. they were either holding hands, hugging, or catching each other’s eye across the room during the rehearsal. the morning of their wedding day, laura and I noted that they seemed a little lost without the other as I photographed meredith and her ladies getting ready and laura was with josh (with a little impromptu jamming thrown in!). all of that changed as meredith took her father’s arm and walked down the aisle. josh tried.. tried to keep it together when he saw his bride getting closer, but it was apparent to everyone that this moment was finally here and they both were so full of happiness. as the reception began josh sang what was to be not one, but TWO serenades to meredith.. there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. to me, this is what perfect wedding days are all about… publicly declaring that you are mine, I am yours, you are my best friend, and I love you. but to stand in the middle of an empty dance floor and sing it out loud? well, I haven’t seen anything like it. laura and I are so very happy for all of you as your new family begins this beautiful journey and we were so thrilled to document such a special day xoxo

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