February 07, 2012

there are just certain things in life that are beyond explanation and I could spend paragraphs attempting to convey what it’s like to witness a new life coming into the world. although I am a firm believer in the power of words – there aren’t enough for this experience. twice before I’ve been given the honor of being asked to photograph a birth and I was left exhilarated, thrilled, grateful, wondrous and so much more each time. so when a member of our GPA family first, tells you that she’s pregnant and then says she wants you there every step of the way to document the whole kit and kaboodle… well needless to say, I was humbled and excited. in previous births I hadn’t been there for the first sonogram or the appointment where they found out if it was going to be a boy or a girl but mel and mike invited me to tag along with them and I loved every minute. I swear, I think I was almost as anxious as mel’s mom and sister when we found out it was a girl! so when miss bella decided her time had come to join us, I got the call. once they got to labor and delivery at the hospital, mel’s sister brittany kept me updated to the progress – at first it was right on track but then it slowed WAY down. by the time I got to the hospital, mel wasn’t making the progress that her doctor was hoping for, so a c-section was imminent. mel didn’t even seem nervous! she only had one thing on her mind.. holding little izabella claire in her arms

mike and mel – I can’t tell you what an honor it was to be there as we all met your beautiful daughter. your family here at the studio love you all so much and are SO happy for you! xoxo as for our blog readers, stay tuned for kristie’s beautiful newborn session with miss bella!

  • Raye you did an amazing job telling the story through pictures! Bella has been such a blessing to our family, more than we could have ever expected!! One of the best days I have been able to be a part of! :)

  • Mary Kay, the Great Aunt :)

    I am thrilled to see these beautiful pictures! It’s wonderful these moments were captured, particularly since I am so many states away from my loved ones here in IL. Thank you, thank you!!

  • This is beautiful! We love Mike and Mel! You did an amazing job capturing this wonderful event! WOW!