September 29, 2015


after several years of photographing weddings, I don’t encounter many surprises. due to my fondness for paperwork and my lists.. so many lists, and timelines, and meetings, and yet another list here and there, I leave for a wedding feeling like I know essentially what the day will bring. in over 12 years, I have yet to experience what I did as I was en route to berlin… it was raining hard, that was for sure, but that’s unfortunately the norm during the late summer here on the shore. no, it was the chiming of my cell phone, alerting me that a tornado was coming, and that I should seek shelter. now. I kept driving and called my friend and wedding planner extraordinaire, ethan, who was with our bride melissa in the cottage of the historic atlantic hotel. ‘yes, we heard the same thing…’ he said calmly, ‘everything is fine’….. debris was scattered all over the highway but as I pulled into berlin, the storm had passed and when I met up with melissa, she was calm as could be. ‘I figured if rain is good luck for a wedding day, then a tornado warning is really something!’ she said with a smile. soon after, she and I were on our way to the main hotel for her first look with josh and after many hugs, kisses through laughter, and a few happy tears, they descended to the main ballroom to become man and wife. ethan had shared some special events with me prior to wedding day, and I was looking so forward to photographing them both. the first was a piñata – ethan had said that all melissa knew for certain, was that she wanted one at her reception. done! and second.. josh and melissa are expecting a baby and their wedding cake was playing double duty for a gender reveal. only melissa’s mom and ethan knew what color the cake would be so when the first piece was removed, everyone waited excitedly to see what josh and melissa were having.. (spoiler alert! it was blue :) ) and I don’t think anyone was happier than big sister katie. from start to finish, this couple was such a wonderful example of focusing on what matters the most during wedding day.. your friends, your families, but most importantly, each other. I am so excited for all of you and wish you so much happiness as your family grows and new journeys begin!


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