August 11, 2015


whenever my friend meghan contacts me for a session, I am always excited. in the time that I’ve known her and her husband drew, I have come to know their friends and families and love the whole big and beautiful bunch of them! this time it was for some pretty cool news.. she and drew were expecting their first child. they had recently moved into their new home and it was the perfect setting for the session. beautiful light, open spaces, and of course, their pup henry :) if you’ve seen either their engagement session or wedding blogpost, you know that henry is always the center of attention. of course, this day wasn’t any different. after shooting at the house, we headed to a local nature trail and took some shelter in the shade of the beautiful day. meghan and drew are so clearly excited about this new chapter of their family story and I am so happy for all of you! and I simply can’t wait to meet baby murphy… soon! xoxo

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