June 10, 2013

megan and stephen were married on a beautiful saturday afternoon at a location near and dear to my heart, nassawango country club. as a kid I would leave syracuse every summer and travel down here to the eastern shore to spend the season with my grandparents. my grandfather was retired and lived on the golf course to I would tag along every day and hang out with my friends at the pool. I hadn’t been back in a long time so spending the day there was pretty cool. wedding day was the first time I met both megan and stephen and I really liked them as soon as I met them. they were so sweet and SO excited! bryan and I had gotten there before them and saw all of their personal touches… some I had never seen before which is always cool. because they opted to do a first look (LOVE!), bryan waited by the banks of the river with stephen as megan made the trip across the lawn. these two we just so blissed out to see each other and couldn’t stop giggling and hugging. their ceremony was officiated by stephen’s uncle and was full of special moments as well as some hearty laughter (let’s just say that there were some technical difficulties involving a hammer and nail) bryan and I had such a fun day with this group of wonderful people!

congratulations! I am so happy for you both :)