July 23, 2015


this seems to be the summer of the one year old. I have had the pleasure of photographing so many adorable toddlers as they hit that milestone this year and I couldn’t be happier about it – it’s such a fun age! so when ashley contacted me about scheduling a session with her husband, steve, the family dog, finley, and their daughter, audrey, I couldn’t wait to work with them. we met on a beautiful and uncharacteristically mild summer morning in lewes ~ ashley had suggested the zwaanendael park and it was a perfect location. the first to arrive to the session were steve, audrey, and finley and I immediately fell in love with this big and beautiful golden retriever… such a sweet boy! miss audrey was smiling up at me and starting showing off for the camera from the get go :) ashley arrived soon thereafter and I had such a lovely morning with all of them. they are a family who plays together, blows bubbles together, and laughs together as finley snuggles up close. I hope I have the opportunity to work with all of you again soon – thank you for such a fun session!

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