September 18, 2014


jennifer is the ‘J’ of HJ planners, one of our favorite wedding and event planning groups based out of DC. my friend heather (yep, she’s the ‘H’) contacted me when jennifer was still pregnant but close to her due date to ask if I would be available to come up to their neck of the woods once the baby was born. several days later jennifer and I confirmed the session and it wasn’t long before she and her husband scott welcomed their daughter sarah. due to extensive renovations at their house, I met up with all of them at the clubhouse of their community in alexandria which was really lovely and had gorgeous light. sarah cooed, slept a little bit and never took her eyes off of her parents who are both so over-the-moon in love with their little girl. I had such a wonderful morning with all of you and look forward to seeing you and the beautiful sarah again soon

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