November 06, 2013

you know that a wedding is going to be incredible when you have a rock star sighting as you’re valeting your jeep – like a for real, I-had-posters-of-him-on-my-dorm-room-wall guitar god. but we’ll talk about that later.. I knew that working with mary and mary was going to be a treat during our correspondence prior to meeting them at their esession. my personality default is sarcasm – not mean or biting, just observational. so as we were trying to navigate meeting up the day of the session at the supreme court, I said that I was pretty sure that I was at the location to which mary may texted back ‘are you near the big government building? oh that’s it I’m sure!’ note: if you’ve never been to DC, pretty much every building is a big government building. so even before laying eyes on them, I had already decided that we were going to be friends. the session was SO much fun and I anxiously awaited their wedding day to work with them again. as caitlin and I got to suite at the fairfax where they were getting ready, the mood was celebratory as all of their friends and family buzzed around getting their hair and makeup done. mary may crossed the room and gave us both big hugs and you could feel her excitement – then I blurted out that I had seen dave navarro in the lobby and it turns out that she is as big a fan as I am :) mary leahy soon came out to the main room and as I saw them share a quick hug and kiss, I was so happy that this day had finally come for them. mary and mary met 10 years ago at a dinner party in california and quickly knew that they were meant to be together, regardless of the fact that they lived on opposite ends of the country. after a commitment ceremony on the beach, mary may left california to join mary leahy on the east coast where they have made their life together. now, all of these years later, they were finally able to legally wed and I couldn’t have been happier to document this day. as someone who has had the opportunity to be to literally at hundreds of weddings, I can honestly say that each ceremony I have witnessed has always had something special – something unique to each couple. but mary and mary’s? for one, it was in the round – meaning that there were guests seated all the way around the platform which I think is so intimate and perfect. second – every reading, every sentence.. every word was just so thoughtfully chosen and just ‘fit’. with their dear friend eli officiating, it was a perfect blend of sentiment, humor and even a little history lesson included. as I looked through my viewfinder, I snapped the big belly laughs as well as the flowing happy tears of their families and guests. and when mary and mary kissed for the first time as a married couple, the room burst into applause with a spontaneous standing ovation – first time I’ve ever seen that. ever. the reception continued the celebration as many family and friends offered toasts that reflected on the journey of mary and mary, including who they were before they met and who they’ve become since falling in love and sharing their lives. and then the party started… and never stopped. this group could party and the dance floor was never empty – not even close! it was so amazing to spend this day with two of my new favorite people and I am so very happy for you both!


I feel so fortunate to having met you both and to share such a beautiful day with you – I wish you a continued wonderful life together filled with love and laughter!