September 20, 2013

from our first email correspondance to when we met up for their e-session, I have loved getting to know mary and mary. they told me about their chance meeting at a dinner party in california 10 years ago and how after enduring a long-distance relationship for several months, they made their life together on the east coast in 2004. 9 years later, they decided (and were legally able) to make it official and I was so excited when they hired me to be their photographer. when deciding on their e-session location, they suggested downtown DC – specifically the US supreme court building which I thought was a brilliant idea! however, when I arrived there to meet them I was disappointed to see that the facade was under construction and curtained over. as they walked up to meet me, they too were kind of bummed but we didn’t let that get in our way of having a great session and fun evening. I am SO excited for their wedding next month :)

thank you again for a great evening and I will see you.. SOON!