November 30, 2017

1well actually, mariah and daniel are already married ~ a week and a half ago. but now that one of our busiest fall seasons have come to an end, we are finally back in the office full time and are on a roll with our blogposts… including this wonderful session. I often have a favorite part of a session ~ in addition to working with some awesome people, there is always a moment when I exclaim ‘yes!’… sometimes just in my head but usually I just slip and say it out loud :) whether it’s a special moment between a couple or the perfect light hitting at just the right moment.. every session has one. with mariah and daniel, there were several. first, whenever a dog joins a session, I am immediately elated and when it’s a pup like huck… well, just look at that face! and because we photographed the session on daniel’s family farm, we were able to include many spots that mean a lot to them, including the spot where he proposed during last winter’s big snow. I had such an awesome time with these two (three!) and am looking so forward to sharing their wedding photos. stay tuned!

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