June 30, 2015


I always worry… you’d think that after doing this as long as I have that I wouldn’t. but I do. whenever a wedding day is calling for inclement weather, I check my cell phone obsessively.. checking this forecast, that radar, another map. and on this day, it wasn’t a matter of if the storm was coming – it was when. I got to riverhouse and the skies were getting darker by the minute and as I walked around the ceremony site, everything was set up for an outdoor wedding by the river. I went to the cottage and met up with mallory who was calmly starting to get ready as her friends looked out the windows. then I went to logan’s cottage and he was visibly upset.. ‘it’s going to rain.’ he said to me, as he stared down at the river. as other options were being explored.. delaying the ceremony, moving it under the tent, etc. I decided to move their first look time up while we were still only dealing with clouds. and then it happened.. the moment that always happens, the moment that defines this day. as soon as mallory tapped logan’s shoulder and he turned around, happy tears filled their eyes. they hugged each other tightly and even started laughing about the storm.. none of it mattered, not really. yes, the ceremony was going to have to be moved under the tent. and yes, given where everything is located at the bottom of the hill on the riverhouse property, there would probably be mud – a lot of it. but they were getting married today. they were promising forever and love and friendship in front of everyone in the world that mattered to them and everything else would just be what it was. we went to the river to take photos with the ominous, yet really beautiful sky in the background. we had about 7 minutes until I felt the first drop – I looked at mallory ‘you should go now’ and she ran up the hill and into the cottage before the clouds opened up. logan and his groomsmen started moving chairs under the tent as fast as they could and later, they came into the cottage to be blown dry by mallory’s bridesmaids. again, there was only laughter as logan, wrapped up in just a towel, hugged up mallory and they practiced their first dance. this is how it always is – when the ‘worst’ happens. it only reinforces the best.. what really matters. only love matters. I am so happy for you both and loved every minute of this day with you. xo

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