August 05, 2015


‘I just knew,’ lyndsey said as we chatted on the phone earlier this summer ‘I just knew that we were meant to be together.’ eric and lyndsey planned their wedding quickly – as in 2 months fast. and there was a reason for that ~ after meeting in church when lyndsey moved to north carolina, the two of them became friends. best friends. and then one day, it was more.. much more, and making plans to share their life together began. they chose the beaches of delaware to celebrate with friends and family (many of them meeting each other for the very first time!). it was a picture perfect summer afternoon.. the type that doesn’t happen often here on the shore. with little to no humidity and a light breeze, lyndsey took her father’s arm and walked down the beach to her love. I am a sucker for happy tears.. always have been. I’ve been known to do ninja-like moves behind my camera to capture these moments because I think that it where the love story lives.. where you physically can’t contain the joy of these moments, these words. and they were flowing all day for lyndsey and eric – it was so lovely. I am so happy that I got to meet both of you and document such a special day. your love and your friendship are inspiring and an honor to capture. I wish you a lifetime of happiness! xoxo

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