May 29, 2015


I am typically a little nervous when I go into a wedding having never really met my couple. liza and I were introduced by my friend fern, but we only chatted for a minute or two. then a week before the wedding, liza and I had spoken over the phone for quite awhile, so I had gotten to know her a little – but still… this is a big day, and I am with them, by their side.. every minute – so it helps if they like me a little. but as soon as I was with liza, I felt as though I had met a kindred spirit. literally, it was like we had known each other forever. she introduced me to her sister, her best friend david as well as vince’s son, little vin. shortly thereafter, I met vince as he was trying to get ready but not see liza at the same time. the wedding was being held in their back yard and it was decorated beautifully – but this also meant for some creative choreography to keep the bride and groom apart. as liza got ready with her mother and sister, vince was with little vin and his uncle. I had known that this would be very happy day, the happiest! but I also knew that liza’s father had recently passed away and that there would be some emotionally difficult moments.. I had been there myself, and it’s not easy. I took vince out front for him to await his bride for their first look. apart from getting them set up, I didn’t have to do anything.. just compose and shoot. they were so blissed out when they saw each other, that no direction on my part was needed.. kiss, hug, kiss again, hug a little tighter – they were in their own world. when the ceremony began, I don’t know who was more excited, the two of them or little vin. doing an exceptional job as his dad’s best man, he received a gift that liza had chosen, just for him and just for this day. all day we had known that it wasn’t a matter of if the rain would come, but when.. and fortunately it held out until reception time. the storms were the fiercest I had seen yet this year, but liza and vince’s guests were so awesome as they continued to eat, drink, dance, and be merry under the tents as though it were a mild early summer evening.  I am so very happy that I was able to spend this day with all of you! you are such a amazing and loving family who brings joy to all of those around you. I wish you so much happiness together! xoxo

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