I have had a camera in my hands for about ten years now and just the other day I paused and reflected on what that really means.  That is a decade’s worth of life that I have been able to capture.  In those ten years I have seen thousands of smiles, allowed couples to show their vulnerable sides and exchange a kiss while I’m four feet away, witness babies taking their first breaths and share the same joy for whoever comes in front of my lens because I am just as grateful to be in that moment with them.  I have also met some of the closest friends I will ever have because of photography and one of them is my dear friend Liv.  You may remember her + Drew’s wedding on the blog two years ago when they got married.  Raye and I were so happy to see these two high school sweethearts tie the knot and continue down their path together.  Drew has been in the Army National Guard since 2008 and when I met Liv she knew he was going to be delpoyed- they just didn’t know when.  Drew got the news around the time of their wedding in 2012 and proudly left with the 1229th Transportation Company to serve in Afghanistan last July 2013.  With his wife also being a photographer and I being one of his wife’s best friends- there was no way we were letting him leave without a Pre Deployment shoot.  :)  I am so honored you both asked me to do this and am thankful to you Drew for your service and to you Liv for your unconditional support.

Drew- we can’t wait till you return this summer, someone special is waiting to meet you! ;)

Suprise!! We can technically consider this a maternity/pre-deployment session ;)  Stay tuned to the blog for the birthstory of Liv + Drew’s sweet baby boy who was born last month!