November 22, 2011

if this girl looks familiar, it’s very possible that she took photos at your wedding – it’s our very own liv! ever since I’ve known her, she has been engaged to drew and it’s always been kind of understood that I would shooting her wedding. there was only one thing missing… a wedding date. I would casually mention it here and there only to get a grin from liv. see drew is in the military and with unknown deployments and all that entails, setting a date has been a bit tricky. but about a month ago I was told with much joy that a date has been set! obviously I have spent a lot of time with liv, both in and out of work but I hadn’t really gotten to know drew until this session. he is so funny and is so over the moon for liv that I loved him right away. I pushed them a bit more than I do with other couples because well… I could :) but they were game to anything I suggested – even if it meant spinning around and around in a beautiful, if not a little dangerous field of weeds. after about the 5th spin, down they went, disappearing below the brush - once I realized that they were okay, I couldn’t stop giggling. drew even nicknamed it “torture field”. to say I had fun is an understatement and I’m so happy to have you a part of GPA and can’t wait for the big day!

can’t wait to do it all over again on wedding day – maybe we’ll even find another field to play with :) xoxo