December 06, 2012

this is going to be a long one… so grab your favorite beverage and settle in. why you ask? because this is a first for us. this is the first time that a member out our team got married while working here at the studio. many of you know that mel was initially one of our brides who came onboard after her wedding. but with liv and drew, we have been there every step of the way. when liv first came to our old studio to inquire about an internship, drew was patiently waiting in the car as I reviewed her portfolio and we chatted. I noticed her engagement ring during our first meeting and she blushed a little and smiled…. a lot.  she a told me that she and drew had been best friends forever and had been together since high school. once she joined the studio she would share little stories about something that drew had done, or a place they visited always with a giddy excitement of a girl in love. although we met a couple of times, I didn’t really get to know drew until their esession and immediately saw why liv was so head over heels for him. he’s hysterical, not afraid to be goofy, a gentleman and melts a little every time he looks at liv. so we always knew there was going to be a wedding, but the adventure with liv was when? where? due to drew’s military service, this made planning interesting.. I think there have been 4 dates, 5 venues and countless dresses. kris and I basically told her ‘tell us when and where and we’ll be there’. when they had made their final decision, I think all of us were a little bit surprised because the date chosen was only 2 months away! her dress was of her own design, using several other gowns as inspiration and the assistance of the amazing sarah from dryden dress company – but it was being custom made in time for her previous date next april. needless to say, we were all crossing our fingers for the perfect dress to arrive in time for the perfect day with hopefully the perfect weather… and it did :) this was also a GPA family event as obviously kris and I were shooting (not something we’re able to do together a lot, so we were loving it) but also, the officiant was mel and I thought it was so cool that all of us were playing a part in the happiest day of one of our own. so let’s talk about wedding day – I met liv at the marriott where her girls were getting ready. she got dressed and we were off to the courdrey center. I had never shot here before and to be honest I was a little nervous because in additional to having a beautiful ceremony and reception area, it’s also a garden center. like liv, it’s a totally original venue :)  I parked as kris and mel were waiting and we went to scope the grounds. there was no lack of color with all of the beautiful flowers but with liv’s dress, I wanted something a little more simple. as kris and I were walking down one of the rows, I did a double take and saw an empty greenhouse. 2 seconds kris said ‘the greenhouse!’ this is why I love working with her, we don’t even have to talk to know what the other is thinking. it was PERFECT – like a big soft box and we were thrilled. we even decided that the grass house would be ideal for first look and down the drive there was a rusted out structure full of hay bales – LOVE! now because liv is the studio’s fashionista and photographer herself, but also because she’s worked with us for 3 years, she was the ideal client. she definitely covered all of our ‘loves’. because her dress was such a statement, she kept her accessories to a minimum (well with the exception of the over 100 broaches she collected for her stunning bouquet). she and drew did a first look. she kept time of day in mind when creating her photo timeline. she had family members help organize different groups to keep family portraits efficient and she gave us ample time for her and drew’s photos. god, we had a blast! from first look all the way through the final dance, everything was simply perfect and represented you two as a couple.I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are for you, how grateful that we are that you shared this day with us and that you are a part of our little studio family. you and drew are so well matched and glow when you’re together and we were so honored to document every moment of the day you became man and wife xoxo

we love you both and are so excited to witness all of your happiness in your new life together xoxo