September 23, 2013

I love wedding celebrations for many reasons and throughout my career have been to over 300 but never before have I witnessed one as unique as this!  I loved every part of it!  From the overall steampunk theme of Lisa + Cat embarking on a new journey together, to their family and friends helping out with all of the details.  I met Lisa + Cat at the beginning of the year and knew from their visual storyboard that they brought along that this wedding was going to be one of a kind.  These ladies are both very crafty and made a lot of the details themselves!  They also had help from Cat’s family- Cat’s sister Kris made the amazing steampunk themed cake (which had Rice Crispies on the bottom!) and her other sister Liz made a lot of the reception clothes by hand.  Cat’s mother made a lot of the jewelry for their big day as well.  Liv and I met up with The Ladies Wyse at the hotel where they both got ready.  Their friends Donna + Audrey did their hair and makeup and got them ready for their first look at the Blue Water House.  After Lisa and Cat shared this special moment together we all headed to the beach for their ceremony.  This ceremony was unique as well.  Cat’s brother John played the guitar when Lisa walked down the isle but the wedding party “forgot” to tell him which song to play for Cat’s entrance!!  But their wonderful maid of honor, Cami came to the rescue with kazoos and led the crowd with the Muppets theme song! :)  Their friend Kari officiated the wedding and they even incorporated a hand-fasting with fabric that Cat’s mom had made.  After the ceremony the guests headed for Tea + Crumpets while Lisa and Cat did a quick costume change into their awesome steampunk reception clothes!  They had their first dance to Fools Rush In and then Lisa’s friend Crystal took over as DJ to get the party started!  I loved how they had a Community Dance which explained the whole theme of their wedding- a journey together in this world with family and friends.  It was an absolutely incredible day and left me sitting back thinking that this is what it’s all about.  Lisa + Cat, Liv and I are so happy for you both and are so glad we were able to experience another stop on your life journey with you.