December 29, 2014


if I’m honest, the first time I met lindsey and jeremy I thought they were already married…. and this was years ago. I first met lindsey when she was working at the flower shop that jeremy’s mother, sue ann, owned. sue ann had become a dear friend of mine and whenever I was in berlin, I’d stop in to see her. usually lindsey was there too.. and jeremy. individually they were both such nice and warm people, but together they were like two pieces of a puzzle that just fit. when sue ann and I decided to share office/studio space I learned that lindsey and jeremy had been together since high school and I thought that they were such a great couple.. like they had been made for each other. in the years since, I’ve photographed the weddings of almost all of lindsey’s best friends and kept secretly hoping the next would be her and jeremy’s big day. then last christmas, in front of lindsey’s whole family, jeremy asked her to be his bride. it was obvious that they were already committed to each other and had been since they met, but it was time to make it ‘official’ and through happy tears, lindsey said yes. when I got the call, I did a little dance around the studio and couldn’t wait to meet with her to hear all about it. they had chosen brittland estate as their venue.. one of my favorites! and lindsey spoke excitedly about the decor, music, and custom made dresses. as laura and I drove to chestertown the day of the wedding, I felt like I was going to a family event instead of photographing a job. I had worked with almost everyone in her bridal party and they had all become some of my dearest friends. as I walked into the bridal suite, I was greeted with so many hugs and despite the dreary weather outside, in the suite, joy and excitement filled the room. lindsey’s dress was just perfect! it reflected her style and was complimented with some of the coolest bridesmaids gowns I have ever seen. my friends were buzzing about, getting all of the finishing touches together as laura went to join jeremy and his guys. meanwhile, most of us kept looking outside. for the late fall, a lot of the foliage was still on display throughout the stunning property at brittland, but the drizzling rain simply wouldn’t end and the fate of the ceremony location was up in the air. lindsey and jeremy shared their first look on the upstairs landing and all of their love and history shined through their eyes and the rest of the world fell away. in that moment, I couldn’t have been happier for my friends. mother nature must have known that something special was about to happen as well, because she started to cooperate. while the rain didn’t stop altogether until later in the evening, it tapered off enough for the ceremony to be held on the back lawn. as they shared vows that they had written themselves, lindsey and jeremy took another step into their journey together, surrounded by the love of all of their friends and family. to say that I’m happy for you is such an understatement..  I am so grateful that I was there to share in such a special day! laura and I wish you so much happiness, joy, laughter, and dancing as you continue in this beautiful life that you’ve made together. love you both! xoxo

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