January 10, 2014

this morning as I was choosing the photos for this blogpost, I was going over in my head what I would write about lexie and payton. was I going to tell you about our first session several years ago when they were both giggly girls who found it nearly impossible to sit still because of their infectious energy? or that I saw something in both of them.. that ‘thing’ that you can’t describe when you see it through your viewfinder – you just know it’s there. from that first evening on assateague, I have photographed lexie and payton countless times. whenever we are hired for an editorial shoot, theirs is the first number I call – not only because they photograph better than almost anyone I’ve ever worked with, but because they are two of the coolest, kindest and loveliest girls I know. every time we work together they bring an energy and professionalism that I have rarely seen in models who do this full time and for a living. they are up for anything…. and I mean anything. last year when it snowed (a rare occurrence in these parts and one I always try to take advantage of photographically) I had an idea for lexie… in a snowy field… in a mini dress that I had found for $5 at H+M. when I texted her my idea, she didn’t even bat an eye and an hour later we were ankle deep in snow drifts. not that they weren’t great when I first met them, but watching them grow into the thoughtful and amazing young women that they have become has been such a joy and I look forward to each session and every other opportunity we have to get together. I even love the hundreds of texts I get from lex mere minutes after a shoot, begging me for photos she can use for instagram. ¬†although I know it will be sooner rather than later, I can’t wait to trudge through the snow, dance on the beach, get stuck in the mud or any other adventure our next session gets us into xoxo

from our first session: