August 15, 2017

1I can’t help but get a little sentimental in this post. if I’m honest, I’ve been looking really forward to this blogpost and dreading it at the same time…. just a little bit. see, I’ve been photographing this girl since she was 11. what began as a family session turned into a working relationship, which turned into a friendship, all of which has resulted in a creative collaboration that has given me so much inspiration and joy over the years. these are all wonderful things ~ indeed they are. working with lexie (and her sister payton) has been so amazing since day one.. she is not only is my friend – she is my little sister and my muse. but she is leaving. in just a few short days, she is leaving for college and while I am over-the-moon-happy for her I am going to miss her like crazy. every time that I have needed a model over the past 7 years, lexie has been my first call and every time that she has needed photos, I have been hers. I have dressed this child in mini skirts and popped her into the middle of a snow covered field during blizzard-like conditions. I have clamped her into wedding dresses before she was 14 years old. I have dressed her in faux fur, bell bottoms, evening dresses, and tutus. and during every session, she inevitably wears something of mine that I throw on her last minute. there isn’t anything that I have ever asked of her that she hasn’t done – with a professionalism that has always surpassed her years. I remember the first time the girls drove themselves to a session – it took me a second to realize that yes, they were old enough to drive. and when lexie said that her boyfriend was going to be joining us at the end of this most recent session, the notion of photographing her with a guy.. HER guy, made me smile from ear to ear. by the very nature of what I do for a living, I am around a lot of pretty people ~ but what makes lexie and payton as breathtakingly beautiful as they are is who they have grown into as young women. they are smart, they are funny, they are compassionate, and they are both so very kind. and so to commemorate this last session with my girl (for now…) I have pulled some of my favorite photos from all of my sessions with lexie leading up to our most recent shoot. I love you more that I can put into words and am so very proud of you, sweets ¬†xoxoxo

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