November 24, 2016

1ironically, according to facebook memories, the first time I met lea was three years ago today. she is the cousin of our associate photographer, laura, and had joined us to help out with our baltimore santa paws event. little did I know, that three years later, kristie and I would be photographing her beautiful wedding to jonathan. they met at washington college and this is where I photographed their engagement session a few months ago. they are such a wonderful couple who can’t help but smile when they look at each other and were laughing together the whole way through our session. as kris and I arrived at the hotel monaco, laura met us down in the foyer as family and friends also started to arrive. in the bridal suite, the music was playing, hair and makeup was in full effect, and all of lea’s ladies were helping her get ready for this magic day. meanwhile, kris was with jonathan and escorted him to the first look location. ‘he’s SO excited!’ she texted me, ‘it’s adorable..’. as lea descended the marble staircase to greet her love, both of them were overcome with emotion and love. it was so lovely to capture. and as we were joined by the bridal party, the excitement of the day was on full display. lea and jonathan love the beatles. love them. love. so much so, that everything from the decor, to the music selections, and even adorned on the tie clips, were fab four touches. as lea came down the aisle accompanied by a favorite song, friends and family stood.. and even sang along a little. lea and jonathan, we were so happy and honored to be a part of this beautiful day! the love that you two share is so lovely and an inspiration ~ we wish you so much happiness, joy, and love in your life together… xoxo

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