April 12, 2011

after over 300 weddings, you’d think that I would be out of “firsts” right? well apparently not. see I have a very cool bride named danielle and a few months back she contacted me to see if there was any way I could shoot just portraits for a wedding. no getting ready – no ceremony – just meet one of her closest friends lauren and her new husband drew after their lunch reception and spend 2 hours with them doing their wedding portraits. it was to be danielle’s wedding gift to lauren. absolutely I would! but to be honest, I was a bit nervous. usually I meet with my clients several times before wedding day -¬†even if I don’t, I have the earlier part of wedding day to get to know them a little bit before we do their portraits. so the idea of “hi! I’m raye – now let’s do your portraits” gave me some butterflies – not gonna lie. within 2 minutes of meeting lauren and drew I knew that my worry was misspent (as it so often is). they were so excited, relaxed and ready for whatever I suggested – woo hoo!! because drew is in the military, we had access to the grounds of the navel academy. we also shot all around downtown annapolis including the bar where they first met. the 2 hours flew by and I had such a great time with them!

lauren was absolutely gorgeous and I adored the blue extension she had in her hair for the big day – just enough to be fierce!

favorite photo of the day…

lauren and drew – I’m so happy that danielle hired me to be your personal paparazzi on your big day – I had a blast! I know you’re having an amazing time on your honeymoon and look forward to seeing you again soon!

  • OMG! I love the way you captured them laughing. It’s so them. And lauren sporting Drew’s cover = perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren~you look amazing! These pictures capture the best moment of your life!!

  • Beautiful Pictures Lauren. You are a beautiful bride and I loved the blue in your hair.

  • Lauren u look amazing…. I love ur dress, hair and makeup…… i especially love the picture with u wearing Drews hat…. I’m happy for u and may u continue to share each others love!!!!

  • Looks like you guys had fun. I should have tagged along. It would have been neat to see the reactions of the people watching! Mom

  • Beautiful!!!

    I love the picture of you both sitting in the window kissing and also the one where the guys and your hubby are saluting each other :-)

    You both look adorable and so happy :-)

  • Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Love them! :)

  • You guys look so in love! Congratulations, love the blue streak!

  • AMAZING! Love, love, love them. Lauren, you look so beautiful and so happy!

  • Those are some gorgeous photos – getting ready for my wedding next month and I appreciate the ideas you present with your style – Thanks! If only you were closer!