July 05, 2010


laura & matt live in san diego but are actually getting married at the beach in september¬†- when we had our first client meeting with her parent’s I immediately knew that I wanted to work with them. they are a couple who loves to have fun and laugh together and compliment each other so well. their hairdresser set them up and she obviously knew what she was doing! they were in maryland for the wedding of laura’s brother, so I met up with them in annapolis for their e-session. It was matt’s first time in our fine state capital and we definitely gave him a substantial walking tour :)





love the shoes! see here’s the thing… I am not a “shoes girl” and I guess the reason for that is that my dad was 6’9″ and as a result, I was cursed/blessed with size 12 and a half – so it’s difficult for me to even find, let alone get excited about cute shoes for myself – but if my clients are rocking some as stylish as this, I’m all over it!




love this shot….




seriously – how cute are they?!




I can’t tell you guys how excited I am for your wedding day – if it’s even half as fun as our session then it’ll be a blast. see you soon!!

  • These are great!! I can’t wait for the big day, it’s going to be AWESOME!!

  • Raye! We LOVE these. We had so much fun too and are so happy with how these pix turned out! We’re looking forward to seeing the proof magazine:) We are getting so, so excited for our wedding. Thanks for everything!

  • Chelsey Moscati

    Beautiful pics and BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Love you guys, thaank you for sharing!

  • What great photos! These perfectly capture Matt and Laura! We all can’t wait to see these two get married. They are perfect for each other.

  • Matt & Laura,
    I am so excited for both of you. I don’t think I have ever seen two people that look like they belong together any more than the two of you! These photos are awesome!

  • The engagement pictures of Matt and Laura are just beautiful and the two people in the pictures are so beautiful — they look like professional models. I am so excited about the wedding and can hardly wait.

  • Martin Fellows

    Great Photos! The Lord has blessed you both with each other.

  • Diana Filbert

    Wow! Just loved the photos!! I felt that they really captured Matt and Laura’s personalities! These photos belong in a magazaine!!!!

  • What a handsome engaged couple! Laura, you look so beautiful in these pictures. You are going to make a gorgeous bride. I can’t wait to witness your vows to one another in September!

  • Gorgeous pictures! You guys look so in love :)

  • I LOVE it – you guys are awesome. These images really capture your “couple personality” My favorites…the one of you guys laughing and the one where you are standing behind Matt. Love you guys – love the pics!

  • Jessica Nenadic

    Amazing photos! Beautiful life on the way guys!

  • Love the b&w one. What great photos!


    Can’t wait to see their wedding pics

  • These photos are amazing! You look PERFECT together!

  • Love it! You guys look so natural (and so in love :) Beautiful pictures.

  • Amazing photos! What a beautiful couple!

  • Matt and Laura,
    What wonderful pictures! You are going to have such great pictures of your wedding day! Continue to have a great time preparing for Sept 11, 2010!! Love Joan

  • These pics are awesome! It’s easy to see the chemistry between Laura and Matt :)

  • Kelli Vannicola

    Wow! What a beautiful couple in striking poses. Matt & Laura look great in any picture but these pictures just bring out everything fabulous. Great job to everyone!

  • Emily Willson

    Good grief!!!! These are amazing! Matty and Laur–soooooooo excited for you! Cheers to a gorgeous (inside and out) couple! Emo

  • These photos are fantastic! My favorite is the third-to-last photo–it really captures Laura and Matt’s relationship. I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful moments Raye is sure to capture on the wedding day!

  • Great pics!! Laura and Matt you two are soo cute together. Love you guys!


  • Awesome pics! We think they may even be a little better than ours;) Can’t wait for the wedding.

  • Laura,

    These are perfect!!!! I am so excited for your wedding! It is going to be beautiful. Dave and I just got back from the Bahamas! We had a blast! Can’t wait to see you at the end of the month! XoXo

    <3 Jeannie

  • WOW!!! These are awesome photos. We can’t wait to meet Laura in September. Matt, we can’t believe you captured the heart of such a gorgeous women. We certainly have some stories to tell her and some photos that she might enjoy. See you soon. Love, Sandy and John Ray

  • Beautiful people, you two are a match. Wishing you every kind of happiness.