the first time I worked with laura and derek was during their e-session almost 3 years ago and within minutes into the session I had already fallen a little in love with them. couples who make each other laugh.. and I mean really laugh.. until the tears are practically running down their cheeks… these are my favorite kind of couples. this is laura and derek – plus they are thoughtful, spontaneous, playful, lovely and clearly madly in love. since that day they have gotten married and laura has become a valued addition to the GPA team! they have also gotten a dog (their beloved cooper) and recently they have purchased a new home.. #burblivin’ as they like to call it. for awhile now, laura and I have been talking about doing a post-wedding shoot (aka trash the dress, rock the frock, etc.) but with busy schedules and changing lives we just hadn’t gotten around to it. but with the upcoming move, laura wanted to donate her wedding dress before they took up residence in their new house… so a plan was hatched. all of us were getting together on assateague island for our annual studio shoot so the timing was perfect for laura and derek to meet me before that began. it’s clear that time has only made them more solid and formed a wonderful partnership.. as usual, their love and laughter was a joy to photograph. derek was a trooper and helped us ladies out during our studio session later that evening and even built us a bonfire – ever the eagle scout. I love you both so much and am so grateful that you have grown from clients into cherished friends and members of the studio family. thank you for asking me to capture more moments of your beautiful story together xoxo

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