January 22, 2018

311ddif I’m honest, our expectations for kristin and will’s wedding were high. not because that they were having the first wedding EVER at ram’s head live… and not because will is a pretty kick ass designer. and the fact that several our favorite people were going to be there was a definite bonus, but that wasn’t it, either. see, I know a little something about this bride. the first time I ‘met’ kristin was on facebook ~ I had photographed the engagement session for one of her best friends, (also) kristin, in saint michaels and as is the norm, I posted a blogpost of the session soon thereafter. then, a couple of weeks later, kristin attended the saint mikes wine festival with her friend, jennifer, and after several tastings they set about the historic downtown and proceeded to recreate the engagement session with their own special twist… using the blogpost as their guide. at first glance I was confused but then I got it and I absolutely LOVED it. I immediately friended them all and messaged my props for a job well done! meeting face to face would come later at the wedding and I loved her instantly AND I heard her sing for the first time. oh. my. god. fast forward a couple of years and I saw her (now with will) at the wedding of abs and nick, and again, I was smitten with her spirit, her style, and that voice! so this summer, when I heard of a sxsw austin engagement (of course!), fingers and toes were crossed that we would get the call.. and hooray! we did. as initial planning began, we started to talk about their engagement session and they brought up artscape ~ as a MICA grad who hadn’t been able to attend in several years, I jumped at the opportunity. not only was it a perfect location, but will’s company was also in charge of the installations all around the event. we went from live music, to ice cream vendors, and the ferris wheel.. I loved every second. and then there’s wedding day… I’ve thought long and hard about what exactly to write, but there really are no words. we’ve never experienced anything like it and we’ve been doing this for quite a long time. it was magnificent, it was emotional, it was full of surprises, it was stunning, it was a once-in-a-lifetime event. so I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut and let the photos tell the story. below is the amazing team that made all of it possible – incredible! but what made it truly remarkable was kristin and will ~ spending this day and witnessing the love the two of you share was such a gift and the best way we could kick of this year. we love you both and wish you all of the happiness in the world!! xoxo

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