July 05, 2012

I am a gal that believes that everything happens for a reason, I don’t really believe in coincidence  and I take ‘signs’ seriously. I think that wherever you find yourself is where you’re meant to be and ever since I met kristin and rob, I knew we were supposed to work together. of course there is the obvious – they are adorable together. they are so obviously crazy for each other that the first time I met with them, I picked them out in a crowd.  then there’s their sense of humor – during their e-session, they had me laughing til I cried as we walked the streets of saint mikes. but it was the day of the wedding that things… ok I’ll say it – almost got weird. I met up with kristin and her bridesmaids in her suite at harbourtowne as hair and makeup were being done. because everyone was staying at the resort, people came and went.  introductions were made all around as people came in to either get ready or just visit with the lovely bride and I just thought ‘what a great group of friends and family kristin has.’ and went about doing my job. then I heard someone mention a guy named T – just T. and you don’t meet many people named T – TJ? JT? sure but not T. the rest of the story I will share in the blogpost I shot with T, his wife jess and their two kids. it’s crazy and I can’t wait to share it! let’s just say that I had met kristin what feels like a lifetime ago and neither of us knew it. okay.. so our minds were blown by that crazy tidbit, naturally – but it didn’t end there. kristin and rob are die hard dave matthews band fans – as in ‘all of their tables were named for DMB songs’ fans. I mentioned that my and roland’s first dance was to ‘steady as we go’ by DMB which is a pretty obscure song and not that well known. kristin thought about the lyrics and said how much she loved that choice and she told me dave songs they were using that day (there were several) but that song wasn’t among them. fast forward a bit and after an adorable first look, the ceremony began. they had asked a friend to get ordained so that she could preside over the ceremony and she did a fabulous job with the perfect blend of sentiment and humor. right before she pronounced them  husband and wife she surprised them by reading lyrics from a DMB song that she said wrapped up what it means to live your life together, as partners and as a team. guess what the song was?? so if the wedding gods hadn’t already made it beyond obvious that I was meant to work with this amazing pair, hearing those few sentences read just made me so grateful to know kristin and rob, to have the chance to get to know them, witness their love, friendship and respect for each other and call to them my friends.

kristin and rob – I am so grateful to have met you (again lol) and to share this amazing day with you. I have a feeling that our paths will cross again but in the meantime, I hope you have the honeymoon of your dreams and a continued life of love and laughter together. xoxo