September 30, 2014

1 I first met with kristen at her workplace which is not your average 9 to 5 – she works for senator barbara milkulski and the day we planned to meet at her office was the first day that everyone was back in session after a break. as I showed her albums and she told me about her and ryan’s wedding day plans, other staffers were literally running down hallways. ‘it’s always like this when they get back.’ kristen explained to me, unfazed. as we talked over coffee, I learned more about their zoo wedding – in her initial email, when she had mentioned the zoo, I had responded with enthusiasm.. a lot of enthusiasm! I simply love it when our couples choose venues that may not be conventional (which is awesome!), but locations that are meaningful to them. so as their wedding day grew closer, I was looking so forward to capturing every moment of kristen and ryan’s big day. I met up with the lovely bride and her girls at her parent’s house as jillian headed to the peabody court hotel to be with ryan and his guys. the house was abuzz with excitement as the finishing touches were being applied. after I greeted their pets, both of whom were trying to figure out exactly what all of the fuss was about, I noticed the bouquets. I have photographed weddings before where a bride constructs a bouquet out of brooches that are special to her – but never have I seen works of art like these keepsakes that kristen made for her bridesmaids. each of their bouquets were of a certain color scheme and held pins and brooches that kristen had individually selected specifically for each friend.. they were stunning! once everyone was ready, we headed to the church. for late summer, the day was mild and beautiful as kristen and ryan shared heartfelt vows and sealed it with a kiss in front of all of their family and friends. once we got to the zoo, a guide took ryan, kristen and me to some of the more popular spots around the zoo – each location was so cool and gave me a lot to play with! after photographing on the zoo grounds, we headed into the mansion house where the reception was being held and it’s there where I met tails.. possibly the cutest penguin on the planet. tails obviously lives at the zoo and is so friendly that when people have events at there, he and his trainer like to make an appearance to say hello. there are quite a few photographs of kristen and ryan with tails in this post.. but c’mon… I had a penguin to work with!! the whole day was so memorable and was such a perfect way to wrap up the summer season. kristen and ryan, thank you so much for including me and jillian in such an important and special day. we wish you so much love and laughter in your life together. cheers!

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