December 29, 2015

001kris and scott are one of those couples where you just know.. as soon as you meet them, you are certain that they are a meant-to-be match. initially, they both contacted me regarding my availability. whatever question that scott might ask, kris would follow up on – a truly collaborative process. and they are funny! when I get a couple’s sense of humor from the first email, I know that I am in for a wonderful experience. for this engagement session, they only had one requirement ~ that it take place in annapolis. they are also getting married in the state capital and it is a place full of meaning and memories for them both. I met them at the city dock and immediately we hit it off. as we started to stroll the streets of downtown, kris kept pointing out historic facts about certain buildings and streets. I thought I knew quite a bit about annapolis, but I’ve got nothing on my bride! they so clearly love each other and love this city which made for such an ideal session. I am looking so forward to working together again and getting to know you both better ~ if our first session was any indication as to what to expect on wedding day, I am in for a treat! 001a 2 3 4 4a 5 6 7 8 9 ks-062 ks-092 ks-106