May 08, 2010


when I woke up the morning of james & katie’s wedding I grabbed my coffee and headed to my computer – as usual. and when I hopped on facebook, I saw katie’s status update which stated “let’s do this thang!” and laughed – partly because it was so her and also because someone had commented something like “now remember something will go wrong, but don’t let it stress you out” and if I knew anything as I got into the jeep to head to the wedding, it was that katie would be many things –  but stressed wouldn’t be one of them.  when I shot their e-session, I could tell that katie and james needed nothing more to have a great time than to be together and I knew that their wedding day would be a celebration of just that. when you add their friends and family to the mix, it was a big party full of love, laughter & joy!


 I love this shot with her grandfather – he’s so cute!


loved her!


sean’s working it! (I know his name is james…. it’s a long story)






I mean seriously…. have you ever seen a happier couple?



loving the purple polish :)




these crazy kids know how to party!




our photobooth – which I think I’m going to call “LIV’S LOUNGE”  was hoppin’!




I laughed all day at this wedding – I truly felt like I was at a friend’s event! guest were spinning me & liv around the dance floor and hugging us – it was such a special day and I will always remember it. katie & james, I was so happy you found us and chose us to spend this day with you. I already know that your future will be amazing and I hope to be there with my camera as your big moments and love continue to grow!


  • Jessica Wilson

    Raye – beautiful as always. I just love them all. Katie and James are so photogenic, but you really captured their spirit and beauty! Its hard to pick a favorite here, but I must say, I love the one of Katie, her grandfather and James. Adorable. Thanks for sharing these!!! :)

  • The photos are absolutely amazing, and they look like they should be in a magazine. I love your unique and modern style. Can’t wait to see all of the other photos, although I’ll never be able to decide which ones I want.

  • The pictures are sooooo much fun. Aren’t the traditional pictures and you can tell there is a lot of excitement in the event.
    Can’t wait until you do Maura and Asher’s wedding in September.
    Guaranteed good time.
    Maura’s mom (Pat Fabris)
    See you then.

  • Katie Smithson

    You never disappoint, Raye! You’ve got such a great eye. These are sooooo much fun. We had a blast with you!! Thank you so much!

  • Melanie Buser

    Wonderful pictures! Katie – you two look so happy and like you had a blast at your wedding.

  • I’d label #217aa as “Prisoner of Love”… LOL!
    Congrats you two!

  • Great photos! Such a cute couple.

  • Way to capture Katie as being as beautiful as she truly is inside and out! Looks like a wonderful day. Congrats!!

  • Wow, I never realized my Facebook comment would make that much of an impression! I always give that and one other piece of advice because that advice carried me through my wedding day as one thing after another went wrong.

  • Joe Liberatore

    Great shots!!!! Congrats and best wishes Katie and James!!!!

  • Melody Johnson

    WOW! Katie – I am so incredibly happy for you as your wedding looked like a dream. It is very obviously after viewing the pics how your photographer absolutely “caught” your special love between the two of you. As well as I know you, the comical aspect being thrown in at times, is sooooo you! I just laughed and laughed when I saw some of them. Great photography! Wish she posted the entire wedding book! Hehe. Congrats once again! Love you and best wishes!

  • Elise J. Speck

    Oh my god I want to see MORE!! Katie, you are SO beautiful! I am SO happy for you and James!! Seems like you had an incredible photographer! She really captured YOU! :D

  • Patryc Barnes

    These pics look awesome!! I can tell the wedding was a lot of fun and the Katie and James are very happy together.

  • Kelly Hawkins

    OMG, I felt like I was at the wedding. You captured some very special moments. You can truly see the love, fun and energy they both share! So much fun. Congrats again to Katie and James!

  • katie, your dress is beautiful and you look stunning and so happy! congratulations!! :)

  • The photos show how comfortable Katie and James were with the photographer, too. Great job!

  • Marissa Smithson

    Sassy, sweet, sexy – and FUN :)

  • Zard Snodgrass

    This looks like it was so much fun! And I, too, loved the status update: “Let’s do this thang!”

  • Maribeth Livingston

    Now I need to see every single photo! Katie is gorgeous. James is a hunk. But do tell, who’s Sean?

  • Donnelle Lyons

    The photos are gorgeous and truly capture the happiness of the day. Of course you were working with a beautiful couple – inside and out!

  • Great photos of a fun wedding!

  • Rich Firestone

    Great couple, great pictures.

  • sean is my super secret nickname for james. it’s not like I called him the wrong name for the first 10 minutes of their e-session or anything. nope! :)

  • i have to say, i teared up a bit, and then laughed. and then teared up a bit. and then laughed some more. everything looked beautiful! and funny!

  • STUNNING photos! They truly captured the essence of what must have been an amazing and really fun event!

  • Kick ass!

  • These photos are just so amazing! I got all emotional looking at them. Miss you guys! xoxoxo

  • kristen lambert

    Katie your pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  • Danielle Zabarsky

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Whitney Mangum

    Absolutely beautiful, these are awesome photos too! Makes me want to get married all over again just to have the photographer! Congrats Katie, you make a stunning bride!

  • `Wonderful photographs. Raye, you did such a good job of capturing the joy and happiness of Katie and James’ special day.
    Barry Walsh

  • Raye, Great job capturing joy of special day.

  • These are amazing. You captured the fun, the love and even the goofiness in some gorgeous photos. It’s already been said, but STUNNING!

  • Angela Oakley

    These pictures are gorgeous! It looks like such a happy day, exactly what you’d expect. I love the one of Katie’s granddad, too. (Sorry, but he stole the show in that photo!)

  • Barbara Barrett

    Great pics! Katie is a trip, and they look so happy

  • These pics are so fabulous!! I love them… it’s the second time I’ve been back to look at them :)

  • Gorgeous photos, it’s obvious you got to know Katie – you truly captured her beauty and spontaneity!

  • GREAT photos! The love and beauty of this couple and the day they shared is truly captured in these pictures! A joy to see! Each one made me smile in admiration! :)