June 19, 2014


I met katie and andre through the fabulous heather of HJ planners and within the first few minutes of my initial meeting with katie, I immediately liked her. apart from having breathtaking ideas + plans for her and andre’s wedding, she was just so nice, open and warm. a couple of months later I met andre when we did a session with their adorable dog argo – quite the ham, that pup is :) and like katie, it was as though I had known andre forever. together they make an amazing couple and when they said that they wanted their e-session to be at the beach, I was looking so forward to working with them again. we had a gorgeous early summer morning and the two of them were prepared with multiple outfits, big white balloons and even a bike for the boards! even though argo was definitely missed, we had such a great day and I can’t wait until their big day!

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