May 13, 2011

beautiful day, beautiful venue and beautiful couple – all of the makings for an amazing wedding day! when I first met katherine and lawrence they went all through their plans on wedding day and just envisioning it from their description had me so excited – so as I was driving to baltimore I could not wait. going into the baltimore country club, every detail was so pretty and special and once I met up with katherine and her girls, the air was electric! katherine just lights up a room with happiness and she easily had one of the prettiest wedding gowns that I’ve ever seen -  it set the tone for all of the decor and special touches. after spending some time with the ladies, I tracked lawrence and his guys and knew that this whole day would be filled with laughter – they were cracking me up! a lot of personal details were included in making this day extra special – katherine lost her father several years ago so they planned the wedding to take place on his birthday – she also wore the veil that her mother had worn on her wedding day – katherine knew a part of her dad would be walking with her down the aisle to lawrence. 

katherine writing a quick love letter before the ceremony and lawrence’s very cool cuff links


katherine and lawrence – I had so much fun with you, your friends and families. the day was so special and it was the perfect way to kick off my 2011 summer season.I can’t wait to see you both again soon!