June 30, 2014


It’s no secret that we ladies here at Gillette Portrait Arts absolutely love our couples.  This definitely holds true for Kate + Melissa!   I mean, how could I not when their wedding favors included Flarp??!  If you haven’t heard about Flarp you are missing out! ;)  On their first date, Kate + Melissa played Jenga so when Melissa proposed to Kate she had built a three foot Jenga game with personalized blocks that contained phrases and words from their entire courtship.  She hid the box with Kate’s ring in the center so that she would find it when the blocks fell down.  Kate also surprised Melissa when she proposed and both ladies celebrated with their friends and family in Austin, Texas.

Three weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful couple and those same friends and family members in Taneytown at the historic Antrim 1844.  Set at the top of the rolling hills in Carroll Country, this historic country house provided a wonderful, intimate setting for Kate + Melissa’s wedding.  The lush gardens and fountain along with the peonies that were full in bloom overflowing in to the paths created a rustic-victorian feel for the day.  I was greeted with beautiful and joyful smiles as Krystina from Sweet + Sexy Hair was prepping the gals.  Kate + Melissa decided to handwrite their vows and exchange them before the ceremony during their “first look”.   Guests made their way under the big oak tree in the back of the Antrim and the ceremony began.  I loved the hand fasting tradition where Kate + Melissa “tied the knot!”  As the sun set behind, a beautiful glow cast over everyone as Kate and Melissa shared their first kiss.   They both love to cook and try new wines so it was very fitting that they celebrate in the cellar with a six-course meal prepared by Executive Chef Spencer Wolff surrounded by some of the finest wines in the Northern hemisphere.  Fresh lavender from The Cutting Garden, who also created the bouquets, adorned the table and cake.  Everyone gathered around to celebrate Kate + Melissa’s big day and I could hear the laughter from the second floor as I headed home.  I am so happy for you both and am so grateful I was able to share this day with you.  I hope you had a wonderful + relaxing time in Belize on your honeymoon!

****A note from Melissa + Kate:

We are so grateful that this day was spent with family.  It is with overwhelming sadness that Melissa’s mom, Jolene, passed away unexpectedly a few weeks later on June 25th.  This was the note Jolene wrote to Melissa the day after the wedding:  “Want to thank you both for one of the best experiences I have ever had!  The wedding was perfect and you were both beautiful”.  It is a true blessing that she was there with us and present on the most important day of our lives.  She was so happy and proud that I have found my “beautiful Kate” as she always referred to her as.  We love you Cita.

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