May 16, 2012

wedding are chock full of decisions – some fun like color themes and cake tastings and some sentimental like family heirlooms and song choices. but occasionally, and especially with outdoor weddings, really difficult choices have to made that may throw your whole vision of the big day into a tailspin. such was the case with kate and mark’s wedding. as I arrived to the henlopen hotel, the skies were dark but the rain was holding off. I went up to kate’s room and found her surrounded by exciting friends and family as she got ready. I tentatively asked her about a plan B in case of rain which she had but at the time neither of us thought it would be necessary. I went to go round up mark and his guys to head to the beach only to find the beautiful arbor blown down and a mist starting to fall. within minutes of returning to kate’s room, the decision had been made by kate to move everything inside. this is when you know a couple is truly meant to be, which I already knew after shooting their esession – months and months of planning were turned upside down due to mother nature but neither of them batted an eye.   their only concern was seeing each other, sharing their vows and becoming husband and wife.

hot tub limo was amazing!!

such a fun group!!

kate and mark – thank you so so much for being such a great couple and so much fun to work with! I know you will have a future together filled with love and laughter!