September 21, 2015


I have a theory that has evolved over the years and this season especially, it’s tried and very true. I think that couples find the wedding photographer who is a good fit.. it just happens. the same, I believe, holds true for having the most amazing clients who just ‘get’ what I do. they’ve almost always seen our work before they contact us, but then we meet them and something just clicks. in the case of kara and brandon, I was smitten with them as soon as we said hello. we met up at her family’s beach house for their e-session and even before we started shooting, they had me laughing… this is a trend that would continue through their wedding day. they are so head over heels in love but are also each other’s best friend. and the way they came to become ‘them’ is a story that was retold throughout the day‚Ķ a snowstorm. although they had been friends for a little while beforehand, it was during the epic ‘snowpocalyse’ of 2010 where like turned into love and led them to this day. when they are together, they laugh, they wipe away happy tears, they catch each other’s eye, and they never let go. caitlin and I were so happy to spend this day with them, their awesome friends, and their wonderful families. I am looking so forward to the next time I get to see the two of you! I wish you so much love, joy, music, and fun in your life together! xo

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