July 15, 2015


she had me at torpedo factory.. he had me at foo fighters. I had the pleasure of meeting kara and brandon for their engagement session at her parent’s beach house outside of milton, delaware and although kara and I had corresponded many times leading up to the session, actually meeting them was so cool. they are so nice, so funny, and so genuine that we were soon cracking jokes and having such a lovely evening. they are getting married late next month at the torpedo factory in alexandria which I think is by far one of the most unique venues I’ve ever seen and after spending this evening with them, I think it’s the perfect place for them to get married. as we were chatting, brandon told me that they were going to the foo fighters concert that weekend which also featured some other musicians that were featured on dave grohl’s series ‘sonic highways’. if you know me, you know that I have acquired a small obsession with that program.. if you haven’t watched it and you love music, run to your DVR now! so many times it happens – that click when you meet new people and everything fits and I am so happy to have met such an awesome couple. I am looking SO forward to your wedding day!

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