September 30, 2016

1kaitlin and jonathan have known each other since elementary school.. that’s when their families became friends. such good friends that they spent every summer, every special occasion, and every holiday together. for years, kaitlin and jonathan were just friends who would see each other when everyone got together. as they got older, they typically were dating other people when they would see each other, but their friendship grew over time. then, during the 2014 super bowl, they were both single and suddenly there were sparks… a lot of them! and by november of 2015, he proposed. you can tell when you meet them, that they were meant to be… they have the best kind of partnership ~ one rooted firmly in real love, support, and being with their best friend forever. when I arrived at the beach house where kait and her girls were getting ready, it was hard at first to find everybody. this place had 4 floors and so many rooms that it could make you a little dizzy. after she put on her dress, kait shared a first look with her father (a moment that I adore), before heading out to the beach to meet jon. as their friends and family looked on, she hugged him up and kissed his neck before he had a chance to turn around. once he did… magic! we all headed to her grandfather’s farm and it was simply stunning! not a single detail had been overlooked and there were special touches everywhere. as everyone gathered in a spot that had been cleared for the ceremony, kait and her dad walked down the aisle. before exchanging rings, they joined their family for a tree ceremony symbolizing the unity of the families.. they had been connected for years, but this was a little different ~ this was forever. at the reception, I had been warned. when kait and I met up a couple of weeks before the wedding, she had told me that it had become a family ‘thing’ to flash mob at special occasions. but even with a warning, nothing would have truly prepared me for what happened after the toasts. the dj cued up a song and suddenly what had been an empty dance floor was full of people donning pink. as they all fell into step for the dance they had practiced for this special day, the guests cheered them from the sidelines. this was a perfect beginning to one of the most joyful receptions I have seen. I had such a wonderful day with all of you and am so grateful I was able to document such a beautiful day. I wish you love, happiness, and lots of ice cream! xoxo

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