July 25, 2014


tyler is the son of one of my dearest friends deb and he is one of the kindest and most authentic people that I’ve ever had the honor of meeting. in fact, the first time I met him he gave me a hug that someone would give a long lost friend just because he knew I was a friend of his parents. so when I started hearing about this girl julie that he was getting ‘serious’ about, I knew that she had to be someone special to have ty so smitten – and she is. in the time that I’ve known them as a couple I have seen them celebrate each other’s success and happy times as well as steadfastly support one another through the worst. they make each other so happy and are so madly in love that it’s impossible not to be happy when you’re with them. unlike a lot of engagements that I hear about via social media, when ty popped the question I got a phone call from an excited and blissed out deb who was one happy mama! as they started their planning, I was so happy to be asked to photograph this day. this day, that I knew for both of them was a part of their story together that was inevitable since the day they met. to have the opportunity to share the joy and love of julie and tyler is something I won’t soon forget. there was so much laughter and happiness between them and surrounding them by their friends and family and just having everyone together for such a beautiful occasion was a reason for celebration. I wish you the world my friends – a world and a life together filled with all of your hopes, dreams and love. thank you for including me in such a wonderful day xoxo

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